Zsolt Marx
Born1973 (age 42/43)
OccupationAudio programmer
Technical sound designer
Music editor
Years active2003 - present
Zsolt Marx (b. 1973) is an Austrian audio programmer, technical sound designer, and music editor. Two songs which he covered include Fill Your Pages and Breathe Again, which were used for TrackMania Sunrise and Sunrise eXtreme.


Zsolt Marx had an interest in music, as well as computers and games, since his early childhood. He released his first album in 2003 called "Album Eins." "Eins" means "one" in German. He did not, however, enter the gaming industry until a year later when he worked as a programmer for Max Payne at Rockstar Vienna.

Marx left Vienna and moved to Guildford in 2005 in order to study music production at the Academy of Contemporary Music. He started as an audio coder for Electronic Arts and stayed with them for five years before moving back to Vienna, where he lives today.

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