Credits for TrackMania and TrackMania: Speed Up!.


Game Programmer


Graphic Artist

Additional Graphic Artists

Sounds and Music Designer

Level Builder


Executive Producer

Production Assistant

HUGE thanks to the Focus team for their support and their enthusiasm:
Cédric Lagarrigue, Luc Heninger, Sébastien Pensive, Sandrine Fargeot, Julien Chevron, Bertrand Simon, Jean-Michel Hellendorff, François Weytens.

Many thanks to the TrackMania community, for their precious and cheerful help.

We express our gratitude to our friends and families for their patience and especialy to:
Amelie Castelnérac, Estelle and Ambre Delmotte, Vincent Luce, Denis and Charles Péchère, Damien Torreilles, Guillaume, Alexandra Hitter, and Edouard Beauchemin.

..too all great other things we couldn't make this year and that are waiting for us!