TrackMania 2: Canyon
Solo Mode(s):Race
Director(s):Florent Castelnérac
Designer(s):Amélie Castelnérac
Guillaume Rocchioccioli
Colin Galleto
Léo Heitz
Loic Higelin
Adrien Jouandon
Léo Martin
Mickael Mellouk
Thomas Rabel
Julien Salles
Expansion(s):TrackMania 2: Platform
Engine:Nadeo's engine
Platform(s):Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s):17 August 2011 (open beta/preorder)
14 September 2011 (official release)
27 February 2013 (Steam)
Genre(s):Racing, puzzle
Mode(s):Single-player, multiplayer
Credits Images Official Website
TrackMania Turbo TrackMania 2: Stadium
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TrackMania 2: Canyon is a game in the TrackMania series.


Like previous TrackMania games, players can race on tracks while doing various stunts as well as build their own tracks. The game features a new environment, Canyon, as well as the Race mode.

Besides the new environment, the game also includes a split-screen mode, and a new "ManiaScript" is being worked on which should help players add their own new features to the game.

TrackMania 2: Platform

Main article: TrackMania 2: Platform

In July 2012, a free expansion pack for Canyon, called TrackMania 2: Platform, was released on ManiaPlanet.


The game was first announced on 19 September 2009 at the Paris Game Festival as simply TrackMania 2. Original plans were to include three environments, which did include Canyon, but it also included Valley and an unreleased environment called "Arena." However, it was later decided to only include Canyon. It was also set to be released in early 2011 before it was moved to 14 September for unknown reasons.

Eventually, the Valley environment would get released two years later in TrackMania 2: Valley, though there currently is no "Arena" environment.


  • This is the first of several things:
    • The first game under the TrackMania 2 title.
    • The first ManiaPlanet title.
    • The first game developed by Nadeo and in the TrackMania series to be published by Ubisoft.



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