Solo Mode(s):Race
Publisher(s):Digital Jesters (UK)
Focus (France)
Enlight (US)
Buka (Russia)
Steam (international)
Director(s):Florent Castelnérac
Producer(s):Pascal Hérold
Adreinne Péchère
Designer(s):Henri-Pierre Pellegrin
Programmer(s):Olivier Torreilles
Damien Quilot
Jean-Sébastien Luce
Xavier Bouchoux
David Fallot
Artist(s):Francois-Xavier Delmotte
François Berthemet
Stéphane Sommer
Christophe Latour
Composer(s):Henri-Pierre Pellegrin
Platform(s):Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s):- 21 November 2003 (France and UK)
- May 2004 (rest of the world)
Genre(s):Racing game, Puzzle game
Mode(s):Single-player, Multiplayer
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N/A TrackMania: Power Up!
“Design it. Build it. Race it.”

TrackMania is the first game in the TrackMania series. It was released on 21 November 2003 in France and the United Kingdom and May 2004 in the rest of the world.


What makes TrackMania unique compared to most other racing games is that it features a track editor where players can edit and race on their own custom tracks. Tracks can be built on one of three environments: Alpine, Speed and Rally.

The game also has a solo mode in which players race on tracks that Nadeo created for the game. Those tracks are available in two modes: Race and Puzzle. In Race Mode, players are racing against three other cars which have their own times on the track and they must beat their times in order to win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. In Puzzle Mode, players are given a track with some missing pieces, and they must fill in those pieces in a way that will make them complete the track in the fastest time.

When the game was released in North America, it also featured a Survival mode. There are 18 tracks, and players have to race and finish anything but last in all the tracks. If you finish last, they are done. However, for each race they come in first or second, they can eliminate two or one tracks respectively.


  • TrackMania (version 1.0) 28 November 2003

This was the very first version marketed by Nadeo. There were some bugs and problems and it looked shabby in comparison to future versions. Today, this version is obsolete. It does not allow online play anymore.

  • TrackMania (version 1.1)

Many important bugs were fixed, but in comparison to version 1.0, there were not any real changes. Today, this version is obsolete. It does not allow online play anymore.

This add-on was published in March of 2004 and featured numerous new blocks and a new game mode called Survival.

This version was a work version which integrated most of the new functionalities from TrackMania Sunrise and let Nadeo do a test in real conditions for P2P, modes in Zip format, as well aslightened interface.

Today, this version is obsolete. It does not allow online play anymore.

Available since October 2005, this is the marketed version which can easily be found today.


Each environment has three themes. One plays when the player are racing, another plays when they are editing a track, and the third one plays when they are showing a replay of a race they had previously done.


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