TrackMania: Speed Up!
Director(s):Florent Castelnérac
Programmer(s):Olivier Torreilles
Damien Quilot
Jean-Sébastien Luce
Xavier Bouchoux
David Fallot
Artist(s):Francois-Xavier Delmotte
Stephen Magnardi
François Berthemet
Stéphane Sommer
Christophe Latour
Composer(s):Henri-Pierre Pellegrin
Platform(s):Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s):Unreleased
Genre(s):Racing game, Puzzle game
Mode(s):Single player, Multiplayer
Credits Images Official Website
TrackMania: Power Up! TrackMania Sunrise
TrackMania: Speed Up! is a game in the TrackMania (series) series.


This version is a work version broadcasted to the community integrating the most part of the new functionalities in TrackMania Sunrise. This version let Nadeo do a test in real conditions for P2P, mods in Zip format, as well as lightened interface.

Today, this version is obsolete. It does not allow online play anymore.

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