TM-Tube is a video-sharing website launched in March 2008. The site is very similar to YouTube, including the name; users can record videos of TrackMania and ShootMania and upload it to the site for anyone to view.


Like most video sharing sites, TM-Tube allows its users to rate and share videos, give feedback through comments, and create playlists. Videos can also be shared through Facebook and Google+. Unlike most video sharing sites, TM-Tube provides a centralized platform for videos about TrackMania and ShootMania without any external content.


Before TM-Tube, there was a TrackMania video portal called, "Movies Life," but that website was closed down. As a result, Cédric Anthony founded TM-Tube, which was originally a one-man project. The site had over 2,000 videos uploaded within just a few weeks of its launch. It was flooded with so much heavy traffic that it had to be shut down within its first month. With the help of Benjisite and Focus, the site was eventually fixed and reopened a week later.

Some future plans for the website include adding an H.265 encoder and post-processing features.

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