Stunts is a mode in the TrackMania series.


The goal in Stunt mode is to score the most possible points from doing stunts within a specific time limit. When the clock reaches zero, the player will gradually lose points until they reach the finish line. A respawn will cost the player fifty points. The medal the player wins depends on how many points they score.

Stunts also appears in multiplayer with the same rules. Like in Time Attack, players can race on the track as many times as they want before the timer reaches zero, and the players are ranked by the highest scores they scored.


Stunt mode made its debut in TrackMania Original in 2005 when a driver called, "venom" sent one of his tracks, titled "Raceway Desert," to Nadeo, which gave them the idea.

The mode later made it into TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme, and TrackMania United Forever in 2008.


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