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Stadium is an environment in the TrackMania series.


Unlike the other six "classic" environments, Stadium exists in a very synthetic atmosphere. It is essentially, as the name suggests, a stadium. This is a sharp contrast to the very natural environments of TrackMania Original (Desert, Rally and Snow) and TrackMania Sunrise (Bay, Coast and Island). It does not seem to have a set place in the world, unlike other environments.


The first game to include the environment is TrackMania Nations ESWC in 2006. Originally, it was only available in the Day mood and players could not respawn at checkpoints. However, when TrackMania United came out, the environment gained the other three moods and the ability to respawn. The environment proven to be very popular, having been featured in more games than any other environment.

It is also featured in both TrackMania DS and the 2010 version of TrackMania Turbo, making it the only TrackMania environment to be featured in both Nintendo DS games. In 2013, it became the only "classic" environment to be bought into ManiaPlanet, in the form of TrackMania 2: Stadium.

An updated version of Stadium, called International Stadium, is featured in the 2016 version of TrackMania Turbo.


  • This is the only environment to feature more than one theme in United and United Forever.


TrackMania Nations ESWC

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TrackMania 2: Stadium

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