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Rally is an environment in the TrackMania series.


Tending mainly to green countryside, the “rally” environment abounds in dirt tracks, wet asphalt roads, narrow passages, river crossings, and walls dating back to the Middle Ages enclosing turns that might be long and sweeping or short and sharp. The rally is the preferred environment for fans of speed, sliding, and controlled skids. The winding, hilly roads bordered by enormous meadows or rows of trees are rarely forgiving of driver errors.


The environment is one of the original three environments from the first game in 2003. Unlike the Alpine and Speed environments, it did not have a different name, but it was still only available in the Day mood. In 2005, when the three environments returned in TrackMania Original, they all became available in the Sunrise and Sunset moods.

The following year, all seven of the environments, including Rally, were compiled into one game, TrackMania United, which is the first time the environment is available in Night mood. It has made its last appearance in TrackMania: Build to Race.

Originally, if a car ends up in the water, they would go into an infinite fall. However, in TrackMania United, lakes were given tangible bottoms, so cars would instead fall to the bottom and could be driven out. Also, cars can drive on the surface of the lakes outside the building area.



TrackMania United Forever

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