Platform is a mode in the TrackMania series.


The goal of Platform is to complete the track while respawning as least amount of times as possible. Generally, finishing the track without any respawns will earn you the gold medal; one, two, or three respawns is worth a silver medal, and anywhere from four to ten is worth the bronze. It is not required to complete the track under a time limit, unlike the other modes.


The first game to include Platform mode is TrackMania Sunrise in 2005. The same tracks were used in Sunrise eXtreme, and a new set was created for TrackMania Original.

In 2006, another set of Platform tracks was created for TrackMania United, which were later used in United Forever in 2008. Platform mode was also featured in TrackMania DS, Build to Race, and Turbo.

In 2012, an extension of TrackMania 2: Canyon, called TrackMania 2: Platform, was released for ManiaPlanet, which has a set of Platform tracks for the Canyon environment.


  • This is the only mode where there is no author medal because zero resets earns you the gold medal and you cannot reset less than zero times.

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