One Take Wonder
Artist(s):21st Century Beatnik
Featured in:TrackMania Sunrise
TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme
One Take Wonder is a song that plays in the Coast environment in TrackMania Sunrise and TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme. It is performed by 21st Century Beatnik.


What are you waiting for?
To lead a life of fantasy?
Just trying to make some sense.
I know the dreams realities.

Now you see ?? Canyon.
And the valley of the wind.
Just trying to do what's right.
Just don't know where to begin.

Just makes me want morning.

Brought up but not a
Makes the star clouds by.
Brought up but not a
Makes the clouds seem not either.

What are you watching for?
I know you hate me full like me.
Just stagger up a rife.
Floating on the breeze.

You can stick your charm in
But you can turn into.
Makes it even worse.

'Cause you can't seem to
It's what I stand for.


(instrumental break)

It's what I stand for, yeah!

Makes the life seem ??

You're so true.
But I wish to say to you.
The way you dream at night.
I am proud of what you do.
I hold your ??.
I hope that they can feel right too.
Hope that they can feel proud of you.

It's what I stand for, yeah!

Makes the life seem ??.
Makes the life seem ??.
Makes the life seem ??.
Makes the life seem ??.

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