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Night is a mood in the TrackMania and ShootMania series.


The Night mood is characterized by having a sky without the sun. It has the most intimist scenery and weak enlightenment which makes the player concentrate on the nearest road because the rest of the scenery is hidden in the darkness. Due to the darkness, headlights and lamps are turned on.

Sometimes, a very faint sunset appears in the horizon.


The Night mood is the least common of the four moods. The first game to use it is TrackMania Sunrise, though it has not been added to TrackMania Original or TrackMania Nations ESWC because they would have to change all the blocks to get the lightning correct. Because of this, the Desert, Rally, Snow and Stadium environments never became available in this mood until TrackMania United.

Neither of the DS games nor TrackMania: Build to Race featured this mood, likely for the same reasons it was not included in Original and Nations.