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Desert is an environment in the TrackMania series.


The Desert environment takes place in the southwest of the United States. Based on the Interstate 8 and U.S. Route 95 signs that appear, it can be assumed that the environment takes place around Yuma, Arizona.

"Loops, elevated turns, breathtaking drops and impressive jumps succeed each other at lightning speed on these ultra-fast courses. Whether at ground level or dizzying heights, the asphalt roads with guard rails will forgive small trajectory errors, but not driving mistakes!"


The environment is one of the original three environments featured in the first TrackMania game. Back then, it was called Speed and was only available in Day mood, but when TrackMania Original came out, it became available in Sunrise and Sunset moods.

When it was later featured in TrackMania United, it became available in Night mood and was renamed Desert.



TrackMania United Forever

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