A campaign is a series of tracks in TrackMania (series) grouped together for playing.

Campaigns are made up of several groups of tracks. Tracks in the later groups can only be played if the player has won medals in the previous group.

All games of the series come with a built-in campaign from Nadeo, which forms the single player mode. TrackMania Sunrise also supports building custom campaigns and players can win cups by finishing a whole campaign with the same medal (i.e. winning the silver cup if you win the silver medal on all tracks of the campaign). In TrackMania Nations ESWC cups are simply called ranking.

In September 2008, Nadeo came up again with something new: the StarTrack Contest. This was a one off event, hosted with Nadeo using TM-Exchange as a platform and TrackMania United Forever as the game. Those registered for this contest used TrackMania United Forever to make new tracks that appear in a special community campaign to be available to all owners of TrackMania United Forever as an automatic download.